I was diagnosed with Colitis years ago and always had "bathroom" issues. It is very hard to go anywhere with friends or family as I felt like a burden. I was advised that using medical marijuana would help alleviate the need to constantly be in the restroom. I was very skeptical but after long discussions with Dr. Weinstein, I decided to give it a go. One month later, I am able to enjoy life, friends and family and not have to worry about making sure that every place I go has a restroom. I am more relaxed, my body feels better and I have more energy now since I am not always fatigued from using the bathroom. Thank you for all of your help Dr. Weinstein and your constant follow-up to make sure that I was on the correct dosage and that everything was going well.


31 years ago I was diagnosed with Chroans Disease but now since I’ve tried this process I’ve felt a night and day change in my bathroom habits and daily activities I am able to perform like never before.


I’ve tried the medical marijuana and it has helped me with my colon immensely,and I highly recommend this to anyone that has a approved condition .This has changed my life.

Lucas W