Health Benifits

Health Benefits

Legalizing medical Marijuana is regarded as a breakthrough in medical treatment even though it is classified as a schedule I drug. And rightfully so, because the chemical compound present in it, Cannabinoids, is proven to have many application in various medical treatment including some severe form of cancer. In fact, Cannabionoids is already being used in various medications by synthesizing it in labs.

Here are some of the major benefits offered by Marijuana:

1.Treats Glaucoma, Dravet’s Syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease.

Marijuana is already confirmed to have improved conditions of these diseases in studies conducted by various agencies.

2.Treats Cancer

The reason to give its cancer benefit effects a separate point is because cancer itself is seen as a seperate disease with severe and life-threatning effects. A chemical compound known as Cannabidiol stops the cancer cells from spreading. Preliminary studies on the use of Marijuana extracts have show to have greatly influenced brain tumors and breast cancers cells.

3.Improves Lung Health

In a study conducted and published on American Medical Association, it was concluded that Marijuana increases lung capacity and doesn’t impair its function.

4.Helps in Relaxing the Body and Metabolism

Marijuana users on trial claimed that it helps relieve pain and anxiety and suppress nausea. It is learnt that it calms down muscle spasms. Another study came to the conclusion that pot smokers are  relatively skinnier and healthier than others as they metabolise sugars faster.

5.Lessens side-effects of various therapies and treatment

Medical treatment of various deadly diseases like cancers and hepatitis C have long term, because the chemicals used in treatment not only attack and kill the cells they’re meant to kill, but also other cells present in the body. Marijuana use is known to have lessening effects on these side-effects.