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About Dr. Weinstein

Highly respected throughout the medical community, Dr. Weinstein is known for his professional expertise, commitment to quality, and dedication to every patient.

Dr. Weinstein has served as the Chairman of the Department of Cardiology at Bethesda Memorial Hospital. He is currently serving as both the Medical Director of the Chest Pain and Heart Failure Center and the Chairman of the Cardiology Co-Management Committee at Bethesda Memorial Hospital. His leadership and innovative approach to healthcare, ensures the Bethesda Hospital community the very best in cardiac care.

A graduate of the 7 year medical program at the City College of New York,….with the goal of making healthcare more affordable and available to patients in the South Florida community.

Today, Dr. Weinstein is motivated by the inspiring patients he sees here, by his highly dedicated team, and by the desire to provide the most life-changing solutions to every individual. Now it’s your turn. We’re so excited to welcome you here to Marijuana  Health Services located in Boynton Beach Florida.